Just… Jump. — A Life Of Flight With TJ Landgren

Please Take A Moment And Click Like, Favorite, & Share! Your Efforts To Share Mean The World To Me! clicktotweet.com This video was originally edited by me, for a film festival. Now, it’s brought to you here… The result of a year of filming and traveling around the world. I have to give a HUGE shoutout to TJ Landgren for making this video happen. He is one of the world’s best freefly skydivers a member of Team NorCalAlliance, Aviator’s Aces & a genuinely cool dude. Like his new Facebook page here: www.facebook.com Music: Zeds Dead & Omar LinX – No Prayers itunes.apple.com As Always… Thanks to YOU for watching and supporting this channel… I’d never be in a position to make these videos if it weren’t for you and your help! -Eric AviatorShow.com http facebook.com Aviator.Spreadshirt.com PS A special thanks to Trond Teigen for the aircraft footage in the intro… http PPS Vlog Series from Kelowna: www.youtube.com

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