I Made This For You!

Join the Aces… Upload our promo reel to your channel! Details below: Hey guys! Thank you so much for watching this, I hope you enjoyed the promo reel… If you’d like to upload it to your channel, please read on! First things first, download the video from this link: www.gamefront.com For Annotations, I did this: puu.sh First (long annotation) is on the bottom right of the screen over the little logo… It encourages people to subscribe to: youtube.com The next two annotations are at the end of the video on top of the boxes… One directs to: youtube.com And the other: youtube.com If you’re a partnered channel, feel free to claim the video’s audio and visual… All I ask is that you send folks our way … Means the world to me to have your help! Thanks so much for everything, Eric @EricAkaAviator

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